A very talented designer.

A very talented designer, Daniel brings his skills, dedication, and a tireless work ethic to every project. He works round the clock to make sure each execution is perfect, and that each piece he turns out is flawless. As an added bonus, he's also an incredibly nice guy. I would hire Daniel again in a heartbeat.

Mike McCabe, Creative Director

Daniel is a terrific designer.

Daniel is a terrific designer and has grown tremendously in my time working with him. It was exciting to see Daniel grow to take on projects of any size and he was one of my favorite designers to work with as he always followed instructions perfectly. 

Daniel is extremely detail-oriented and addresses every design request. You rarely have to repeat something to Daniel as he nails it the first time. He's always happy to take on new revisions, and accepts work with a positive, can-do attitude. 

Furthermore, Daniel always thinks about the big-picture of the website and will provide his own recommended direction. He will not blindly accept requests, but he constructively thinks about the task-at-hand, and will proactively offer his own recommendation for the best user interface

I strongly recommend Daniel Afrahim!

Michael Sarill, Entrepreneur & Digital Professional

His design skills are impeccable.

Dan is a fantastic worker and colleague. His design skills are also impeccable. Working with Dan at BFM I have not only seen his design talents grow over a period of three years, but also his technical expertise, management skills, and work ethic. 

He's also worked late into the night to get a job done, communicates well with Clients, and always makes sure something is done right. This includes print work, internal marketing, website design, and a plethora of services. 

I've loved working with Dan and would hire him at any company I work for in the future!

Kevin Horton, Head of Sales

Talented, reliable and
efficient designer.

During his tenure at BFM, Daniel proved to be one of the most talented, reliable and efficient designers in the company. His expertise reaches far beyond design, as he is also proficient in website development, UX/UI and online marketing. Dan's attitude is warm and positive, and his work ethic is second to none. It was a great pleasure working with him, and can say with complete confidence that he would add tremendous value to any team.

Allen Greer, Senior Account Director

He is a highly reliable and
hard working.

As the Head of the Design Department, I have had the pleasure of working with Daniel Afrahim for 3.5 years here at BFM. Daniel is a detail-oriented team player with impeccable time management skills. He was often given tasks with impossible time frames but (and against all odds) he delivered on time and always produced great work. Daniel always provided many solutions to everything he worked on; he is a highly reliable and hard working employee passionate about overcoming any challenge he is faced with. I whole-heartedly recommend Daniel as he would be a great asset to any team/company.

Tatyana Khamdamova, Creative Director

He has a keen ability to solve design problems.

Daniel is a very talented web Designer with a keen ability to solve design problems and add business value. I worked extensively with him at BFM and had the pleasure to experience his thorough attention to detail, diligent effort and well-conceived project execution. I recommend Daniel as a valuable employee to any organization.

Arnaud Morichelli, Account Director

Dan is an excellent designer.

Dan is an excellent designer to work with. He takes your wireframes, sketches, notes and turns them into intuitive interfaces that accomplish what they're meant to do. He's been instrumental in our conversion optimization efforts as we work to improve the effectiveness of our corporate website.

Alhan, Chief Marketing Officer

Tremendous asset to any team.

Daniel brings a wealth of design knowledge and experience to the table. A high attention to detail, great attitude, and consistent reliability make Dan a tremendous asset to any team.

Nick Cuomo, Senior Account Director

Daniel is a master at
fast-turnaround design work.

Daniel is a master at fast-turnaround design work: logos, wireframes, mockups, anything. If you can describe it, Daniel can whip up a great-looking design, and faster than you'd expect.

Byrne Hobart, Analyst

His designs were beautiful and carefully considered.

Working with Dan has always been a pleasure. His designs both for our company and for our clients were beautiful and carefully considered. At BFM, Dan was always willing and eager to help his colleagues with last minute requests and design emergencies. His patience and friendly demeanor even in stressful situations never failed to impress his friends and colleagues and the company.

Alanna Francis, Director of Marketing

Aesthetically impressive.

Daniel has great insight into how design can be aesthetically impressive and commercially viable. He is also highly collaborative and enjoyable to work with. I would welcome any opportunity to work with him again.

Peter Field, Account Director

He is a hard-working
passionate designer.

Daniel was the one of the best people I worked with at BFM. He is a hard-working passionate designer that gives his all into every project. He takes direction well and is technically skilled in all necessary design applications to get the job done. 

Daniel was just a pleasure to work with on all levels.

Edward Lee, Art Director


One thing I'll definitely say about Dan is he is competent and "KNOWS HIS STUFF". He is very easy to work with, very approachable and adaptable across multiple mediums. Along with quality work and fast turn-around, Dan is an overall great value!

Josh Ortiz, Art Director

He never runs out of
creative ideas.

I worked with Daniel for more than a year. One thing I can say about him is that he never runs out of creative ideas. His design knowledge, creativity and attention to details were helped us a lot in our successful web projects.

Alireza Yavari, Art Director

He tends to think outside
the box.

Daniel has a great sense of design and understands the big picture. He tends to think outside the box while understanding the scope of work asked of him. He has a clean minimalist style that works well with our website and I look forward to a long working relationship.

Tony Sosnick, CEO for Anthony Brands

He is hard working and dedicated individual.

I have had great pleasure working with Daniel both at Bramson ORT College, where he was my student, and later at GraphicIQ, where Daniel worked for me as a graphic and web designer. He is hard working and dedicated individual with set of great skills in many design applications.

Bentsion Janashvili, President and Owner at GraphicIQ

Daniel is a detail-oriented graphic designer.

Daniel is a detail-oriented graphic designer. He is very knowledgable in the area of graphic design knows the key programs to design in. He is very responsible and pays attention to deadlines in all of his projects. I will definitely send positive recemendations Daniel.

Martha Tucker, District Sales Manager at Avon Products

Dan is an excellent designer.

Dan is an excellent designer with a keen eye on both aesthetic and functionality. His focus on even the minutest details of his work made him a top designer at BFM. He's also a pretty great guy to work with and definitely one of more well-liked people I’ve come across. He enjoys his job and he enjoys people.

Tim Gray, PR and Communications Director

 His work is excellent.

Daniel was contracted by me to work as a freelance graphic designer for Innovid. His work is excellent, he has a keen sense of design and is anticipatory of our needs. I highly recommend him as a graphic designer and as a person!

Rob Banning, Head of Corporate Marketing

 His on-time performance was outstanding.

Daniel truly delivered on the assignments we gave him. His professionalism, on-time performance and attention to detail was outstanding. His prices are very reasonable and competitive. I plan on using his services him throughout the year.

Alan Septoff, Creative Director

A highly motivated young man.

Daniel is a highly motivated young man whose warmth and articulate presence allow him to connect easily with people. He is driven to succeed and mature beyond his years.

Alan Klugman, National Executive Director at ORT America

  He went above and beyond.

Daniel did a great job on our site redesign and went above and beyond what was asked. He was a great partner to us and I look forward to working with him in the future on other projects.

Ross Freeman, President & CEO - 680 Partners | Executive Search

Daniel has a meticulous eye for design and details.

Daniel has been an integral part of the college's Graphic and Web Design team. He bears the majority of the credit for the design and production of our catalog as well as production of advertising for the college. Daniel has a meticulous eye for design and details, which surely attracted the attention of many of our students to attend this school.

Arthur Bernstein, Admissions and Recruiting

Bright and innovative graphic designer.

Daniel is a very bright and innovative graphic designer. He composes the most impressive and direct ad campaigns. I have the words--and he makes the "pictures" fit perfectly.

Susan Resnick, Admissions Officer

His creativity are exceptionally commendable.

Daniel's design skill and creativity are exceptionally commendable. He has created imagery and campaigns with the utmost professionalism, creativity and flair. I would highly reccomend utilization of his services.

Yair Rosenrauch, Campus Director


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